How much does a website cost ?

Website is a piece of art. The cost is difficult to estimate. Depending on content, quality and complexity the cost can vary a lot. You can spend millions of dollars on a website. However, LeoBavaria mainly focus on small and medium size industry. We have built a transparent cost structure according to different service package. We offer a fixed template based webpage design for as low as 299 Euro. However, for a good quality simple website you should plan around 5000 Euro.

How much does an App cost ?

Again it is difficult to estimate the cost of an App. For a full-fledged app design for scratch you should have a budget of few grands. However LeoBavaria offers industry specific ready-made apps. As these apps are reused by many we can offer a very competitive starting price as low as 299 Euro.

What is an App?

An app is a native application program on portable device such as mobile phone or tablet.

How can an App be useful for my business?

Today, most of the people use smart hand held devices. An app can help you to reach your customer easy frequent and in most modern way. You can be much interactive and productive. Your business conversion rate will just boost if you have the right app.

Why do I need social media presence?

Social media has changed the operations of business, marketing, and customer service. 72% of all internet users are now active on social networks and among them 82% of people surveyed by Forbes state that they trust a company more if it’s involved in social networking. This is especially important for service providers such as restaurants, doctors, lawyers, dentists, beauticians etc. You have to engage your customers on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

What is web application?

A web application is basically a software running behind the website. Web application can be very complex. A web application usually installed in the server. The website collects the data from the user and send to the web application at the server. The application executes the instructions and send back the demanded results. Web application may interact with different sources of data and information.

What is Widget/Plugin/API?

You may offer a web service which can be used by other parties. This service can be free, commission based or paid. You may offer this services through widget, plugin or API. If you like to build such services LeoBavaria can help you to design such platform.

What is a facebook campaign?

Facebook campaign is an advertisement platform offered by Facebook. Recently this has become very effective tool for sales and marketing. Especially for service oriented business this is a very useful tool to reach targeted customer. For example, you have a discothek and you are arranging a special event. You want to attract all teen agers in the vicinity. You can exactly target the Facebook users in your defined area have a specific age range.